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 Littleton Location  9200 W Cross Dr, Littleton CO  80123   across the parking lot from Target at SW Plaza.  

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    HEALTH AND WELLNESS PRODUCTS:   L'dara is the new breakthrough product I offer!  A significant change from other anti-aging serums, L'dara uses the Goji berry's special anti-aging properties in a serum for your face and neck.  REALLY does promote new collagen growth and creates healthier skin that feels and looks amazing.  Go to the website to see before and after pictures.  People are noticing change within days.  Join as a Preferred Customer to get $30 off, free shipping, enter the makeover contest each month ($1,500 prize), and learn how to Get It Free when you share as a Preferred Customer.  -  Highest quality nutrition products, hair care products, baby care, skin care, and home care. Shaklee's philosophy has always been "In Harmany with Nature".  Truly one of the first 'green' companies ever!   Look over the website or contact me, or both.  those crazy wraps!  Mini-body wraps, a simple and healthy way to tone and firm the tummy (or thighs, or arms).  It Works has this product that really treats your skin right and gets you on the right path to a healthy shape.  .....   It Works also has some interesting wellness products for healthy weight loss and skin care to complement their signature product - the Wrap.  ...... I love the GREENS, a powdered drink mix to add to water or a smoothie.  Read about it at the website.    It Works has a Loyal Customer program so you don't forget to get your Greens each month  or your Wraps, or both!  And plenty of perks for the LC and the distributors.     YES you can get a wrap applied during your massage!  It's a great way to start the It Works program!

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